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Ready to enroll?

Our rolling admissions policy allows for students to join our learning community during the current
school year, as well as for families to plan ahead for the coming school season. Available spots are
limited, and some classes have waiting lists, so registering early is encouraged. 
How to Apply


Stop by, give us a call, or send us an email so we can get to know you! 


Schedule a meeting with our Head of School, tour our facilities, and have your student shadow to see what learning looks like!


Enroll your student  (PreK - 8th Grade and Homeschool) by completing this enrollment form and we'll reserve your spot!

Download and auto-fill our PDF then email or mail it back to us! 

Tuition Assistance

Complete our online application to apply for

tuition assistance.

"My kids truly look forward to coming to school each day!"

-Janel, Parent

Invest in Your Child's Future

DPCA is committed to keeping costs low and quality high, so that every family who desires a joyful, rigorous, Christ-centered education can afford to send their students here. As you can see, our tuition rates are well below both the state and national averages, making DPCA much more affordable than comparable private school options. In addition, we offer financial aid to families in need. 

The highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost.

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There is a $60 annual registration fee per course (to a maximum of $110) for all homeschool students who wish to take part in school classes and/or activities. Home school students must be registered in order to participate in any of these activities at DPCA. Grades K-8 partial school days or individual classes will have annual tuition prorated based on number of classes desired, as seen in the chart above. 


We understand that private education, especially Christian private education, requires commitment and financial dedication from parents, school staff, and donors. Our hope at DPCA is that parents can choose the school that is the best fit for their children without finances having to be the deciding factor. To that end, we pursue the following commitments for making education at DPCA as affordable as possible:

1. We ask faculty and staff to share the burden by accepting salaries far below local public schools and most private schools.  (Our highest paid teacher, for example, has a salary about the same as a first-year teacher at our local public schools.) Our teachers and staff accept this challenge because they believe deeply in our mission.

2. We keep tuition as low as we can; each year, all DPCA parents put together pay about 65% of the cost of educating their students at DPCA.

3. We ask friends for help.  Donors contribute about 25% of the overall cost of education at DPCA.

4. We fund raise to bring in moneys for "extras" like mission trips, and to cover about 10% of our operating costs.

5. We do our very best to provide financial assistance for families who need it.  

Our request, then, is that no one would turn away from the possibility of a DPCA education without at least investigating our financial aid program. If you are interested in having your students enrolled at DPCA, but aren't sure you can afford the tuition, we encourage you to click here for the financial aid application. You will be taken to another website that will confirm the application is for Darren Patterson Christian Academy. The application is completed entirely online; to complete the application, you will need the following information available:

1. Your income information (W2 forms or other) from all sources

2. Expense information for such things as rent, mortgage, car payments, medical bills, etc.

3. Completed tax return for the most recent year.  if you you are unable to provide a completed tax return, you can still fill out the application, but you will need to add a note explaining your tax situation and when you expect to file.

4. A credit card for the $40.00 processing fee.  If you do not have a credit card, please call the DPCA office at 719-395-6046, and we will arrange a method of payment for you. 

You must complete the application before any of the school staff can tell you whether or not you qualify for assistance.  If you complete the form prior to completing application or registration forms, please let us know in the school office (719-395-6046 or so that we can look for your application. 

Returning Family Deadline: June 1, 2024

New Family Deadline: August 15, 2024

All financial aid at DPCA is based on need. No merit-based scholarships are available at this time.

Tuition Rates
Financial Aid

Admission FAQs

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How soon should I apply for my child to attend the next school year?
Applications can be submitted at any time, but class size restrictions limit the number of accepted applicants in each grade level. Applying early is always a good choice.
Can a student enroll during the current school year?
DPCA has rolling admissions, meaning students may enroll at any time during the school year, providing there is availability in the appropriate grade level. If a space is not available, the student’s file will be put on “HOLD” awaiting availability.
What is the student/teacher ratio?
The current classes average 10-12 children but can sometimes exceed that.  The Elementary and Preschool also has teacher aids to help with individual instruction.
Are payment plans available or is the full tuition amount due at one time?
Payment plans are available. Please email for more information on payment plans and setting up automatic withdrawals. 
Are scholarships offered or is financial aid available?
Tuition assistance is available for families based on financial need. Tuition Assistance applications are available here. We do not offer merit based scholarships of any kind.
How do I find out how my child is doing in his/her classes?

Regular Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled throughout the year to provide feedback on student progress. In addition, all DPCA faculty and staff have e-mail addresses and phone numbers available for quick communications. Our staff loves connecting with parents and will make time to do so at your convenience!

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